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Part #FWT24219

Manufacturer: Flange Wizard Inc.
Gas Torch Cutting & Beveling Guide

This Multipurpose tool is a must for everyone who uses a cutting torch! Cut straight, irregular shapes, circles--up to 39"--and bevel cut up to 36" diameter with this versatile tool. Universal bushing fits all torches.

Price: $91.08 Each

The Chariot Cutting Guide will cut circles up to 39" in diameter. It can cut holes as small as 5/8" when used without the axles. It can bevel circles up to 36" in diameter. Cut straight, irregular shapes, circles and bevel with this versatile tool.

Special Features:

  • Plated steel construction at heat stress points
  • Universal bushing fits all conventional torches
  • 15-1/2” extension (PN# 3311-EX) is available for larger circles
  • Both wheels on one side for trimming or beveling the edges of plate
  • Cutting a hole with wheel on outside of cut