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Part #FWTPG601-1.200


Head Diameter of Torch:
1.160 to 1.195 Straight Hole


Special non-conductive Delrin bushings are required to fit your plasma torch to the PG-601 Plasma Cutting Guide. This model comes with the 1.200 diameter bushing. Select a bushing that will fit your plasma torch.

Manufacturer: Flange Wizard Inc.
36 inch Maximum Diameter Circle

Flange Wizard's Plasma Cutting Guide is a handy addition to your plasma cutting machine. The PG-601 will assist you in cutting holes from 5/8" to 36" in diameter. You can use your guide for straight and irregular cuts by using the wheels provided with your cutting guide.

Price: $120.62 Each

A handy addition to your plasma cutting machine:

  • For cutting holes from 5/8" to 36" in diameter
  • For straight & irregular cuts using the wheels provided
  • For cutting medium to large circles by installing one wheel on the plasma body.

The tool is so balanced, a wheel on the plasma body is not necessary when cutting small (5/8" dia.) holes to (4"dia.) medium holes in your materials.