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Part #FWT70001

  • Roof Pitch to Degree Conversion Scale
  • Magnetic Base
  • Used with Conventional or Plasma Torches
  • Anodized Aluminum Base
  • Includes 3 strong magnets
  • 16 inch Cutting Rail
Manufacturer: Flange Wizard Inc.
"NEW": Roof Pitch to Degree Conversion Scale is now Included!

Multiple Use Tool! Use with Gas or Plasma cutting as a Torch Guide, Protractor, tri-square, or burning guide!

Price: $128.66 Each
  • The new Angle Burning Guide with Magnetic Base is a must for every person who uses a conventional or plasma torch and wants an excellent angle or straight cut everytime.
  • It can also be used as a protractor, or as a multi-angle tri-square. The Angle Burning Guide will hold any standard square as well as most straight edges.
  • Special squaring and marking jobs are a snap with your new multi-use tool.
  • The base is made of anodized aluminum with 3 strong magnets to hold it steady while in use.
  • The cutting rail is 16 inches long and made from series 300 stainless steel. Cutting rail extensions with a magnetic foot can be ordered as an accessory item.