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Part #LNCK2618-1

  • Input Power:208/230/460/1/60
  • Rated Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle @ 40АC:275A/31V/40%
  • Input Current @ Rated Output:80/72/36A with PFC/104/94/47A w/o PFC
  • Output Range:DC: 2-340A/AC: 2-340A/Max. OCV: 75V
  • Dimension HxWxD:49.7 x 28 x 41
  • Net Weight- Lbs:641
Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
AC/DC Stick and TIG Ready-To-Weld Package

Micro-Start II Technology and our New and Improved AC Auto Balanceе on board, the Precision TIG. 275.

Price: $6,328.00 Each
Spec Sheet
Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only

Simple controls, innovative accessory storage, and attractive and consistent welds it all adds up. Whatever the TIG welding application - fabrication, aerospace, production, motorsports, or vocational education - choose the Precision TIG® 275 for outstanding features and precise arc performance.

Includes: Under-Cooler Cart Water Cooler, Foot Amptrol, Gas Regulator/Flowmeter & Hose Kit, PTW-20 Pro-Torch TIG Torch (250 amp, 25 ft.), Zippered Torch Cover, Parts Kit, Water Hose (2 included) 15 ft, and 15 ft. 2/0 Work Cable and Clamp