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Part #KRYS00744


Size: 9 oz, Aerosol cans.

Manufacturer: Krylon Industrial
Two Part Weld Quality Assurance System

Easy to use, two step system to assue quality inspections.

Price: $81.72 Box (12)

Sprayon® WL™ 744 and WL™ 745 Welding Defect Detector is a two-part quality assurance system that detects and locates cracks and defects in metals and non-porous, non-metal parts. You can be confident that Sprayon's Welding Defect Detector crack detecting system will detect and clearly mark even the finest faults in welds, casts and other non-porous materials before they cause product failure or costly breakdowns. Welding Defect Detector is ideal for short run applications where production testing sites are not available, or for spot-testing large parts, welds, assemblies and more. It is specially suited for the precise, very fine inspections required in the auto, construction, manufacturing, nuclear power, petroleum, foundry and railroad industries.